About Us

  • Subhashri Bio Energies (P) Ltd. (SBEL), a division of the Subhashri group of companies, Tiruchengode, India had metamorphosed into a knowledge leader in organic regeneration and energy independence arena. With the commissioning of its 4 MW power generation plant cum organic agri-inputs production facility, developed indigenously, SBEL presents urban and rural societies with a bi-noble service:
  • Bio-gas as primary fuel for power
  • PAVEL Processed Organic Manure that is weed seeds free, pathogens free, to which is added organic additives to give a world class organic manure product
  • SBEL Power Consultancy Pvt Ltd - provides consultancy & allied services for non-conventional energy technologies
  • Subhashri Organics India Pvt. Ltd. (SOIL) - promotes & commercializes sustainable agriculture