GOLF 1 Liter


Cultivation of fast growing, high yielding varieties and hybrids results in the depletion of soil nutrients. Hence supplementation by foliar spray is essential to meet the nutritional requirements of high yielding crops.

PSO6 organics of SBEL has produce Green Organic Liquid Foliar GOLF (Foliar) formulated to provide the grower with the high quality fully balanced liquid nutrition spray for use on a variety of crops. PSO6 GOLF (Foliar) is a 100% natural, nutrient rich concentrated liquid manure whose nutrients are derived from condensed organic fermentation solubles. This is certified by Lacon(Gbmp), Germany.For certified organic farming.

PSO6 GOLF (Foliar) is a dark coloured organic liquid capable of supplying all water soluble macro & micro nutrients, humic fulvic acids, plant growth promoting harmones as well as bioactive plant compounds and beneficial metabolites of microbes. The nutrients are actively stabilized and balanced forms and hence which are easily mobile throughout the plant parts without any fixation, runoff and leaching losses. Presence of micronutrients especially Boron, Zinc, Iron & Manganese combined with growth harmones induce the plant growth, flowering and reduce the flower dropping increase the fruit size as well as decreasing other deficiency in plants.

PSO6 GOLF (Foliar) when sprayed on the leaf surface, with the beneficial organisms occupy spatial nitches on the leaf surface and gobble up leaf exudates that reducing the infection rate of pathogenic organism thorough antagonism, as well as induce the resistance power of crops .Ultimately PSO6 GOLF (Foliar) improves the yield and quality of the produce upon regular application.

Recommended Crops & Dosage:

Flowers :1-1.5 L of PSO6 GOLF (plant ) applied at 10-14days intervals throughout the bloom period.

Vegetables :1.5-2.0 L at profuse growing stage ,first bloom, full bloom and fruit setting stage.

Mango, Guava, Amla & other orchard plantations:2.0-2.5 L /ac at first bloom and full bloom stage. Repeat the spray as and when necessary.

Paddy & Maize: 1.5-2.0L /ac at 30&45 DAS.

Nutrient specification:



EC <0.25dsm-1
Nitrogen 1.0 - 1.2
Phosphorous 0.5 - 0.8
Potassium 1.2-1.5
Calcium 0.5-1.0
Magnesium 0.25 – 0.30
Iron 100 – 150ppm
Zinc 125 – 150 ppm
Manganese 150-170ppm
Copper 25 – 30 ppm
Boron 150 – 200 ppm