Go Organic. It Pays.

Home garden pack:
Increases quaity, production & aesthetic values of the home & kitchen garden more..
Farmer's Bag:
Increases production capacity of farm and improves quality of farm products
Green Organic Liquid Fertigator(GOLF):
Complex of organic matter, humic acid and plant growth regulator with all macro nutrients.

With a world that is turning & wishing organic in every sense, regeneration of soil with organic manure holds immense potential. Both Socially & Economically.

A team of senior technocrats at Subhashri bio energies (P) Ltd. with hands on experience in the field of bioconversion and value addition is working with a vision of environmental protection, soil regeneration and production of bio-organics to achieve the same. Production technology at Subhashri has been developed and patented to produce super grade enriched organic products PSO6, with unique advantages.

The Subhashri PSO6 products guarantee certified organic inputs to the social and quality conscious farmer. The products are special & unique, since they are anaerobically bio-processed and aerobically stabilized to provide all essential nutrients for plant growth and high yields, besides rejuvenating and enriching the soil ecosystem.