PSO6 Cococare - Organic Manure



Soil is important criteria for good cultivation and harvesting high yield of crops. Application of manures improves the soil fertility status and productivity of the soil. It provides all essential macro and micronutrients in adequate and balanced level throughout the year. By understanding the needs of coconut cultivators, SBEL, PSO6 has introduced exclusive organic manure for coconut plants termed as "PSO6 COCOCARE".

This PSO6 COCOCARE product produced by Subhashri Bioenergies Pvt Ltd.,  by using specialized bio-processed bio-techniques includes anaerobic digestion and aerobic stabilization with 100% organic production.  

Our organic manure has been certified by “LACON” Quality Certification Agency, Germany provides organic certification for our organic product as 100% organic produced organic input material for organic agriculture.

PSO6 COCOCARE provides macro and micro nutrients in balanced level to the coconut plants and enhances the growth and yield. PSO6 COCOCARE fulfils the requirements of the coconut plant such as   N, P, K and also boron is very much helpful for coconut plant to prevent the button shedding and presence of calcium improving the resistant power against pest and disease in coconut tree. Available sulphur increases the quality of oil yielding nuts and oil extraction percentage.

Importance of PSO6 COCOCARE

  1. PSO6 COCOCARE provides nutrient throughout the year.
  2. PSO6 COCOCARE changes the soil texture and enhances the growth of the coconut plant.
  3. PSO6 COCOCARE promotes better development of root system and it enhances the growth and yield.
  4. Well developed root system provides strength against lodging and helps to mobilizes nutrients quickly
  5. PSO6 COCOCARE enhances the growth of beneficial microbes in the rhizosphere of the plant.
  6. Provides more nuts per tree
  7. Excellent organic input material for sustainable agriculture

Recommended dose:

  • Once in 6 months - 6-8kg's /plant
  • Once in a year - 12-15kg’s /plant

Method of Application:

Once in a year:
Pso6 coconut special should be applied in the trench (one foot length and one foot width) prepared around the tree (trench length from the base of the tree differ based on age, approximately 2.5 - 5 feet) then placed the manure and then closed with soil.

Twice in a year (June - July month)
PSO6 COCOCARE should applied to the tree by preparing half a circle trench (one foot length and one foot width) around the tree (away from base of tree at about 2.5 - 5 foot distance ) and then closed the pit with the soil and watering of the tree. Follow the same method to the remaining area during November- December month.

During first year, PSO6 COCOCARE combined with 40% of inorganic fertilizers, in the second year 20% of inorganic fertilizers, in third year onwards, 100% recommend quantity of PSO6 COCOCARE provides nutrients without any inorganic fertilizers. Recommended doses of manure differ based on soil nature. For more details please contact our Dealers or Local Cooperative Societies or Marketing Executives.

Nutrient Content of Cococare:

Nitrogen 0.6 – 1.1 %
Phosphorous 1.5
Potassium 1.5
Calcium 3.0
Magnesium 0.17
Sulphur 0.16
Iron 0.02
Zinc 0.12
Manganese 19.1
Copper 121.9
Boron 1.8
Enriched with beneficial soil microorganism

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