PSO6 Organic Manure - the largest Organic manure producer in India

Subhashri Bio Energies (P) Ltd. manufactures a range of PSO6 organic products. Having b experience in the field of bioconversion and production technology Subhashri has developed and patented the process to produce super grade enriched organic products PSO6 with unique advantages.

    Uniqueness of PSO6 Organic manure
  • PSO6 is subjected to the processes of a) anaerobic treatment & b) aerobic treatment. Hence benefits of both the processes are accrued
  • Certified for Organic farming (Approved Input for Organic Farming by NPOP, Govt. Of India; NOP, United States Department of Agriculture; & Lacon (Gmbh) Quality Certification)
  • Input for PSO6 manufacturing is of reliable, homogenous, & consistent in nature and hence superior to many of the organic fertilizers available in the market
  • The daily production capacity of the plant is around 200 M. Tonnes/ day
  • Assurance of quality - Production of PSO6 follows well established standard operating procedures (SOP)
  • It provides essential macro and micronutrients in adequate and balanced level, and hence promotes better development of root system and growth in plants, Improving productivity, quality, and the shelf life of produce
  • It is the first of its kind organic manure employing total organics with bioprocessed organic matter to provide richer nutrients to plants. Preserves physical and chemical properties of soil
    Advantages of PSO6 - Organic Manure
  • Free from weed seeds, Free from Pathogens, & Free from odour
  • PSO6 is highly suitable for organic farming. Improves soil ecosystem, enlivens the soil with beneficial effects on microbial rhizosphere
  • Contains high (40%) organic matter with adequate quantities of macro and micronutrients readily available to crops
  • Improves humus content in soil aiding high rate of microbial growth. Beneficial bacteria and fungi improves soil characteristics and sustainability
  • Revitalizes soil fertility, structure and texture. Improves water holding capacity leading to longer intervals of irrigation
  • Better root development leading to higher uptake of nutrients and water leading to higher productivity, better quality and extended shelf life
  • Increases production capacity of farm and improves quality of farm products
  • Organic foods increase antioxidant levels Provides tolerance to pests and diseases in the field
  • Organic ingredients processed with bio digested organic matter to evolve 100% high-grade organic manure by refinement and value addition
  • PSO6 Organic manure is suitable for a wide range of agricultural, horticultural and plantation crops like vegetables, fruits, sugarcane, turmeric, vanilla, coconut, ornamental, commercial flowers, tea, coffee, etc