PSO6 POTASH NUTRIX ( Frateuria Aurentia )



Potassium plays an important role in phyto assimilation and translocation of photosynthetic material. The availability of potassium for plant uptake is bery low even though our soils are rich in potassium. The fixed forms of soil potassium is mobilized by PSO6 Potash Mobilizing Bacteria and made available to the crop plants.

Mode of Action:

PSO6 Potash Nutrix (Frateuria aurentia) bacteria secrete organic acids and organic compounds in rhizosphere region which transforms the unavailable form of potassium into available form.

Recommended Crops:

Paddy, Wheat, Pearl millet, Sorghum, Maize, Pulses, Sugarcane, Tubers Vegetables, Flowers, Orchards & Plantation crops.


Seed treatment:
200ml- 300ml / required seed rate per acre

Seedling Treatment :
500mL- 1L in 25L- 40 L of water

Soil Applications:
2-5L in 25 kg of PSO6 Booster manure


Potassium Mobilizer (not less than 109 CFU / ml)

Method of Application:

  • Seed Treatment
The required quantity (200ml - 300ml ) biofertilizer inoculum (PSO6 Potash Nutrix- Frateuria aurentia) is mixed with half a liter of water & 50 - 100 mL of rice grue / cooled jaggery/molasses solutions & the required then the quantity of seeds are thoroughly mixed to spread the inoculum over the entire surface of the seeds. Then the seeds are shade dried before sowing. Sowing can be done with in 48 hrs.
  • Seedling Treatment
Mix 500mL-1l of PSO6 Potash Nutrix in 25 - 40 liters of water & clip the seedling root for 15-30mins before transplanting
  • Field Application
Mix 2-5 of PSO6 Potash Nutrix - Potashmobillizer in 25 kg of Pso6 Booster Manure and broadcast in one acre of land.

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